The sweetest and dumbest hamsters.

They are twins.

They used to live together. But when they started to be teenagers they had to live in their own houses, because Ikaros was bullying George.

They live in Mattias's room, and especially George likes to constantly check out what is going on.

is so lazy that he only wakes up himself when he needs to eat or when you talk to him directly.

is very impressed of the vacuum cleaner, and can look and listen to it for ages, thinking "Woow, It is clear that the human race has world dominion, when they have an awesome machine like this!"

George Ikaros

George George George

Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros

Look here to see Ikaros riding a "quad" motorbike !!

Look here to see Ikaros jumping off a "quad"

George & Ikaros

24 june 2009; the final view of George on his favourite spot in the garden:

George George

R.I.P. George, below Mattiasī tree and close to Victor..

George George