These pictures are from the newest members of the family; 3 months old Pinto and Niņa.

Niņaīs original name is Rikke Prikke, and she was raised by Eva from the fantastic "Flames opdraet".
Pinto comes from ZooZity, and we got him castrated 3 weeks before he got his girlfriend.
Pinto has been living in Mattiasīs room for 1 month, and the day he met Niņa was one of the best days in his life.

At the moment they still have a limited part of Mattias room, and especially Niņa is curious to find out if there is more...

A lunch break after running around and making noises They often do exactly the same thing

When you pick up one of them, the other starts complaining...

They like being together!

They have a spot in the garden with nice long grass, but they are still not feeling relaxed here.

oh, this is a different world.. good somebody takes care of us.

Niņa stays close to Pinto because that is safe.. here it is safest.

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