These pictures are from the coolest member of the family; Sophie.

She was 4 years old when we got her, and had only lived inside a flat all her life.

Recently she got her own facebook page :

Here below are pictures from the first years that we had her, where she had to adopt to the outside world.

Sophie meets Olly ; the first day, 2 june 2010..

Very interesting, this Olly monster. But Sophie is a bit never know, because Olly is 1 year older then her.

Olly just came out of standby mode Olly eats some peanuts !!

This is the first full day for Sophie in her new home, so she has to check everything .

Sophie follows and studies Olly, but also checks all other sounds and checks out Ollys house

few days later ; 6 june 2010..

Now Sophie is quite relaxed, and found a good spot where she can both reach Mattias and keep an eye on Olly at the same time.

we´re having a good time and keep in touch !!

Now Sophie goes in standby mode.

and the PC blower keeps her warm..

Good friends..

Olly shares her delivery of fresh grass.

Sophie discovering the garden; 21 june 2010..

So this must be the outside world, where all the birds live....

interesting. lets check all borders first

East west, home best.

Sophie after she tried to run over the pool. and lazy after some wild playing.

28june, Sophie was out the whole night to investigate the neighbourhood.
And when she came back the next morning, she was very proud that she could do this..
july, Sophie learns that the neighbour cat is a monster from the dark side.

august, Sophie learns that she can climb trees

11 september, Sophie climbs in the apple tree as high as never before (see picture below)
Also, she climbs out of Mattias´ windows and over the roof. Awesome!

See what I can!...   Who said n00b?..

24april2011, Sophie catches her first living mouse (see picture below)
Earlier, she has only walked around with dead mice that were drowned in the pool, and we didnt know that she really could catch anything!
Normally you even have to help her catching a fly in the window and she can only catch slow spiders...

Sophies mouse. But still good friends with Olly.

17june2012. Protecting Pinto and Niña.

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