Improve the electronics inside your guitar!. .

The following mod (2 versions) has these improvement over a standard circuit:

Buffer - this is needed so a cable doesn't capacitively load your pickups.
Balance circuit - lets you continuously adjust between bridge and neck pickup instead of either/or.
Phase/antiphase switch - so you can substract the output of the pickups from each other.
solo switch - lets you switch to bridge pickup only.

The same as mod1, plus the "tone" switch is changed to "Normal/dual" switch:
In dual mode, the neck pickup is routed directly to the ring connection of the jack.
The idea with the dual output is that the signal from the bridge pickup is used from the tip connection as in normal mode, but that signal can than be amplified, fed through some funny electronics and filtering, and than fed back to the ring connection to drive the neck pickup.
This can be used to experiment with e.g. "infinite sustain". The phase/antiphase switch is still in the circuit also.



mod2 implementation. S1 can be seen in the lower right, the stereo potentiometer closest to the jack connector is the balance pot:

mod2 FET buffer and S2, S3:

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