updated 2023

When you want to install W11 on your PC but you cannot proceed without logging in on a Microsoft account.

Windows 11 version 22H2 and newer don't let you install with a "local account".
So at some point in the windows installation, you will come to a screen where you have to sign in.
This is not a good idea when you e.g. prepare a PC to give away to somebody else.

There is a really easy solution!
Don't connect to the internet, and bypass the Network Requirement, as follows:

Click cancel, and then while still having the Install window open, use shift-F10 to open a command window.

Enter in the command line as follows:
oobe\bypassnro (this bypasses the Network Requirement)
Now the pc reboots.
ipconfig /release (this disconnects the internet until next reboot, and is needed because otherwise the bypass is not accepted)
exit (this closes the command prompt)

Once the command prompt is closed, use the 'back' arrows in the Windows 11 installation to the point where you set the username and password, then complete the setup. It will now have the 'I don't have internet' button instead of only the 'next' button..



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